CME & Cultural Tour of

Chile & Argentina
(including Patagonia cruise!)
February 7 - 21, 2020

Group Medical Director:

Dr. Peter Bloch, Oakville, On.


"A great idea to be able to combine the two countries in one visit as it allows one to compare and contrast. The choice to meet with local physicians in both private and public hospitals provided an opportunity to experience health care outside of Canada"

                                       Dr. Edo Teku, Toronto - Chile & Argentina, 2012

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Let us take you on a journey of great contrast and beauty...

...across the neighbouring vistas of Chile and Argentina. Begin with your immersion into the adventure and raw natural beauty that Argentina has to offer; boasting the Western hemisphere's highest peaks at over 7,000m, the painted deserts of the northern Andes with their colonial cities, and the splendid desolation of Patagonia. Stroll the spicy streets of Argentina’s fashionable and energetic capital, Buenos Aires, lined with bustling parillas (grill restaurants) and colourful curios, while the chimes of skilled musicians flow from street corners and nightspots alike. Experience the local people and their culture - Argentines have a vivacious and infectious lust for life, which has survived despite a dark period of military dictatorship and several economic crises and their passion shines through in Argentina’s three greatest loves: football, food and fine wine. Fly to the southernmost city on the continent, Ushuaia and, from here, embark on the M/V Stella Australis for an unforgettable expedition cruise to take you around the tip of South America through the Straits of Magellan and past Cape Horn to Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia.

Nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is home to spectacular scenery, fine wines and warm hospitalityThere are few destinations on the planet that offer such a contrast - from the spectacular national parks of Patagonia in the south, through the central wine valleys to the desert lands of the North. After your cruise, head north to Puerto Natales and the magnificent Torres del Paines National Park (considered by many to be one of nature's finest creations), showcasing the lakes and islands, forests and fjords and mountains and glaciers of this spectacular region. Then fly north to the central valleys, and cosmopolitan Santiago, the capital, which hosts an attractive mix of historic buildings and modern amenities, where you will see the cultural highlights and be introduced to several of the excellent wines of this area at some of the finest Chilean vineyards with time for relaxing, or exploring, in your base of the fashionable Pacific coastal resort of Vina del Mar. 

And why not complete your trip with an optional (3 day) extension to the spectacular lunar landscapes of the Atacama desert in Northern Chile

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