General Testimonials

“I have been fortunate to enjoy four trips with Doctors-on-Tour since 2009 - to Ecuador, Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos, India and Bali. All these tours were wonderful. Well-organized, excellent accommodations, top notch guides, remarkable CME experiences that broaden one's outlook on medicine and really great leaders of the tours. You should seriously consider taking one of these exotic trips. Beats lying on a beach!”

-- Dr. Linda Rapson, Toronto – 2013

CME & Cultural Tour of South East Asia

"A brief note from Hillary and me to thank you for the flawless organization. The guides were superb and the choice of events, above and beyond the usual tourist musts. These were a lot of fun, while adding to our understanding of local cultures".

-- Dr. Alan Barkun, Montreal, Qc. - Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, 2014

"It was an amazing trip thru Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos. It exceeded all our expectations. Peter and Mary (Bloch, our group leaders) were gracious hosts. Their thirst for adventure and generosity of spirit added so much to our trip.  The group we traveled with were a great bunch and we hope to cross paths in the future. The CMEs were informative and I enjoyed seeing the varied medical sites in each country"

-- Dr. Tom Stark, Timaru, New Zealand - Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, 2014

“A wonderful trip that I would recommend to anyone”

-- Dr. Janel Gracey, London – Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, 2013

“The Southeast Asia tour was a great success. Ellen and I are resonating with the sights, sounds and smells from the visit!”  

-- Dr. Ron and Ellen Pace, Waterloo – Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia, 2012

CME & Gourmet Tour of Spain

"We had a fabulous experience, enjoying a fun group of travelers and loving the beautiful art and history of Spain. The warm, friendly and family culture feeling of Spain was memorable and a testimony to the connections of Chef Fernando Garcia".

-- Dr. Gerry Mittler, Vancouver, BC - Spain Gourmet, 2015

"I found the trip to Spain to be a great combination of site-seeing, CME and amazing gourmet meals and wines selected by an internationally famous chef. We visited several famous vineyards and were able to sample their wines. The visit to an ophthalmological institute was especially memorable, we watched lens surgery in close up. The visit was very well organized with time to explore cities on our own, as well as tours of architectural wonders. I strongly recommend this tour as a great experience"

-- Dr. John Cocker, Stouffville, On - Spain Gourmet, 2015

"Fantastic experience! Every detail to perfection."

-- Dr. Les Marien, Orangeville, On. - Spain Gourmet, 2013

“A quick personal note to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to Spain & Portugal. The whole agenda was well planned and well carried out. The winery visits and dinners were amazing, we learned so much about the history and making of Port.”

-- Dr. Blair Fraser, Guelph – Spain & Portugal, 2012

"Spain greatly surpassed my expectations, offering wonderful gastronomic experiences, lavished with outstanding wines and extremely hospitable people with a culture and history that is as rich as deep. The co-organizer, Fernando Garcia, Executive Chef of La Vinia Restaurant in Toronto, through his many connections, was able to allow us access to exclusive vineyards, where we were submerged in to the local cuisine and regaled with their finest wines".

-- Dr. Peter Bloch, Oakville – Spain Gourmet tour, 2011

“The trip surpassed all my expectations. The country itself was far more interesting than I thought and the tour itself was very well organized. The wineries were a treat and the physicians and theIr spouses were lots of fun. I would be happy to do another trip!”

-- Dr. Steven Traplin, Guelph – Spain Gourmet tour, 2011

CME & Cultural Tour of India

"I have greatly enjoyed the scheduled Doctors-on-Tour itinerary.  We have great respect and appreciation for the very professional, efficient, hard work carried out by your local escort/guide, Kumar and Himanshu - both are great assets to your company's operation in India and we would strongly recommend them"

-- Dr. Luis Baptista, Edmonton, AB - North India, 2015

"The trip was amazing , beyond my wildest expectations!!"

-- Dr. Kathy Hoegler, Guelph, On. - South India, 2014

“The whole trip was wonderful and very well organized. We appreciated the advance preparation information packages. The hotel accommodation was excellent and the guides provided a lot of background information in Indian culture and society which made the trip even more valuable as a learning experience. We enjoyed all of it – including meeting Dr. Peter, & Mary, Bloch (Group Medical Director) and the great people in the group!”

-- Dr. Ron Eliosoff, Ottawa - South India, 2013

“Just back from the South India tour and it was amazing!!! I am already keen to return to the north on one of your tours. I am a total convert to the doctors on tour trips!! I really enjoyed the varied itinerary...Kumar was outstanding, very professional and certainly made the trip run smoothly, never an easy job in a group that size, different personalities,etc....but he really was exceptional. Lacuma was also fantastic, very capable and organized. So....well done!!”

-- Dr. Susan Smith, Fredericton, N.B. – South India, 2013

“Fabulous trip! Our guide (Devender) was outstanding – the best I have ever met! And, in addition to exploring the fantastic sights of Northern India, our group visited local hospitals and clinics to learn more about how medicine is practiced in India as well as in the SOS Children’s village in Jaipur and the Mother Teresa charity Mission in Agra”

-- Dr. Serge Puksa, Hamilton - Northern India, 2011

“I do not have words to express my appreciation and admiration for the hospitality and service provided by your company and your partners on the ground in India”

-- Dr Sudhir Pandya – India, 2009

CME & Ecological Tour of South Africa

"A most excellent tour escort - genial, helpful, very knowledgeable and organized. Very well chosen sights and experiences"

-- Dr. Michael Garner, Montreal, Qc. - South Africa, 2016

"The trip to South Africa was awesome - I would rank it up there with my favorite so far with Doctors on Tour. The people in our group were wonderful - it was a total joy and I can see now why South Africa is one of your company's favorite, and most popular, destinations"

-- Dyana Driscoll, Toronto, On. - South Africa, 2015

"I want to give you some feedback on our amazing trip to South Africa. Our guide Craig was exceptional; lunch at La Petite Ferme was a highlight, great food, wine and scenery; in Swaziland, glass factory was very good the candle factory was great; Kapama River (Game) Lodge - amazing ! Soweto - great ! South African Airlines were great to travel with friendly service and, overall, it was a great trip"

-- Dr. Steve and Marg Szarka, Hamilton, On. - South Africa, 2014

CME & Cultural Tour of Bali

"A great exposure to Balinese culture and the spiritual aspects behind their healing philosophy"

-- Dr. Karyn Klapecki, Toronto, On. - Bali, 2016

"Bob and I enjoyed the time shared with each of you in Bali, My expectations for the tour were met and exceeded. It really was a small window into the Balinese culture. To (our group leaders) Bonnie and Mel, Thanks! Hope this isn't our last tour. You all were interesting and gracious, Terima Kasih. Salamat Jalan"

-- Dr. Bob & Evelyn Lawler, Gibsonia, PA - Bali 2015

“Excellent! Loved the trip and well worth it. Life changing experience, excellent speakers and very well organized. Met some great people and will keep in touch for future trips. Will definitely book another doctors-on-tour trip in the future”

-- Dr. Janel Gracey, London – Bali, 2012

“We really enjoyed the tour of Bali and we were glad that we could do it with Dr. (Mel & Bonnie) Borins who showed us the real Bali and not the tourist angle. Every moment was an experience of it’s own. Thank you so much for organizing such a unique experience”

-- Dr. Nilam Clerk & Shobha Amin, Toronto - Bali, 2012

CME & Ecological Tour of Ecuador

"Thank you for your excellent guidance during our trip to Ecuador. The trip was very good, and the logistics and handling of the group were excellent"

-- Dr. David Spence, London, On - Ecuador (including the Galapagos and Amazon), 2015

"Macchu Picchu and Galapagos were the highlights. Wonderful guides, very well organized and enjoyable. Tour leader did a great job !"

-- Dr. Michael Garner, Montreal, QC - Ecuador (Galapagos) & Peru, 2014

"Thank you for organizing an amazing trip. We had an incredible time"

-- Dr. Les Landecker, Toronto - Ecuador (Galapagos) & Peru, 2013

“Lynn and my favorite vacation of all time is our trip to Ecuador. It was incredibly well organized, food accommodations and tour guides were all top notch”

-- Dr. David Cormier, Orangeville - Ecuador & the Galapagos, 2012

“We had a magical time in Machu Picchu - such a spiritual time at day break - our guide was great! Many thanks for the fabulous trip - memorable and well organized. Your company does such a great job and such an opportunity for us, and what a great group of people to share such an amazing trip with”

-- Dr. Paul Bates, London – Ecuador & the Galapagos, Peru 2012

“We found this tour to be a wonderful adventure… even more than we had anticipated. The planning and attention to detail on the ground ensured we had a comprehensive introduction to the many wonders of Ecuador. I will definitely consider participating in another program and will be certain to share details with my colleagues”

-- Dr. Alison Kelford, Oakville - Ecuador & the Galapagos, 2011

“The guides throughout the trip were superb, well informed with excellent local knowledge and willing to discuss any topic! The visits to the local hospitals were excellent. A fantastic tour!”

-- Dr. Linda Stirk, Toronto - Ecuador & the Galapagos (and Peru), 2010

“I would like to thank you very much for a wonderful trip. The Galapagos experience and the snorkeling was memorable. I especially loved the Amazon rainforest/jungle experience. That was the highlight of my trip. I loved every second of it. The overnight (Achuar village) experience was the absolute best. The planning of the trip was personal and perfect. The choice of guide was impeccable. Carlos was the best guide we have ever had in our travelling experience. The group bonded and I would travel again with them. My wife and I have done quite a bit of travelling in the past few years, and your company's expertise and personal touch made the trip worry-free, professional, interesting, knowledgeable, and extremely unique. We will definitely travel with you again. In fact, we are already saving money for our next trip with you.”

Dr. Rick Black, Ancaster - Ecuador & the Galapagos, 2009

“The organization and accommodation were both excellent. We were always looked after with consideration and provided with a wide variety of interesting activities and experiences. The guides were most helpful and informative. A wonderful tour!”

-- Dr. Michael Dales - Ecuador & The Galapagos, 2009

CME & Cultural Tour of East Africa

"I wanted to let you know that the trip to East Africa was excellent.  The safari was well organized from beginning to end and John, our knowledgeable guide, unfailingly and graciously coped with all the challenges of the adventure. This was my third trip to Tanzania in the past 2 years and I came away feeling that I had finally seen the positive side to this beautiful country. We were fortunate to see far more animals than we had anticipated and the drivers took time to let us watch various scenarios play out rather than simply snapping a picture and moving quickly on.  Having compared this safari to reports from others and to my previous one to the Ngorongoro Crater last year, I can honestly say that this was superior in every way.  I definitely would recommend it to interested others"

-- Dr. Pat Barry, Burlington - Kenya & Tanzania, 2013

“A wonderful trip. It was amazing to see so many different animals co-existing on the beautiful African plains. The Kenyan and Tanzanian people we met were gracious and welcoming. Our host/trip manager was excellent - very bright, knowledgeable, good problem solver, great people skills - a delightful man who really made our trip memorable. Our guide/driver was also excellent - very knowledgeable, an excellent driver and keen to make our safari experience a good one. We had lots of fun and learned a lot from him. I loved the parks and reserves - the Serengeti and Ngorongoro are absolutely amazing”.

Andrea Maurice, Toronto – Kenya & Tanzania, 2010

CME & Cultural Tour of Chile & Argentina

"Great trip and a wonderful extension - really worthwhile taking the time"

-- Dr. Aloke De, Ottawa, On. - Chile & Argentina (Atacama Desert extension), 2015

"At the Concha y Toro vineyard, we had a deluxe tour involving a sit down tasting with a sommelier after the earlier tastings in the cellar. Another highlight was the small vineyard where we saw, picked and tasted the different grape varieties. Great trip!"

-- Dr. Tony Vettese, Mississauga, On. - Chile, Argentina and Patagonia Cruise, 2014

"We felt the tour is one of the best (CME tours) we have been on. We keep missing the great Chilean wines and Argentinian beef. Right sized group and great company. CME tours were interesting and informative. Our guides were good and I enjoyed learning about the country from their comments".

-- Dr. Eduardo Aenlle, Fallbrook, California - Chile, Argentina and Patagonia Cruise, 2014

"A great idea to be able to combine the two countries in one visit as it allows one to compare and contrast. The choice to meet with local physicians in both private and public hospitals provided an opportunity to experience health care outside of Canada"

-- Dr. Edo Teku, Toronto - Chile, Argentina and Patagonia Cruise, 2012

“Great company, well organized and interesting tours, educational lectures and great food (and wine….!) Fantastic trip!”

-- Dr. Ray Martin, Toronto – Argentina, 2006

CME & Ecological Tour of Brazil

“We had a wonderful trip. It was such an interesting mix of people that we laughed all the way through - an amazing experience and a fabulous time. The Pantanal was awesome and we also totally loved the old colonial town of Paraty. We enjoyed ourselves so much we are thinking of signing up for another one soon. Thanks again - you did a wonderful job - it was a dream”.

-- Dyana Fournier, Toronto – Brazil, 2013

“We had a great visit to the Falls. Stefani was a very helpful guide. The hotel and facilities were fabulous. The tour overall was an exciting experience. Thanks to you both and Ian for the hard work and planning.”

-- Drs. Hirsch and Indra Rastogi, Ancaster – Brazil, 2011

CME, Cultural & Historical Tour of China

"An enjoyable and enlightening tour"

--Dr. Brian Davies, Sarnia, On. - China, 2016

CME & Cultural Tour of New Zealand

"The trip was exceptional in every way. Our guide was more than just a tour guide - the knowledge she shared was detailed and interesting - what an ambassador for her country ! The high level of care that she offered was above and beyond anything that we have ever experienced. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this trip ! Thank you !"

-- Dr. Les Marien, Orangeville, On - New Zealand, 2016

"Our guide was absolutely fabulous - she took superb care of us and added so much to the trip through her knowledge of New Zealand history, flora and fauna. Peter and Mary (Bloch) were wonderful medical leaders - calm, helpful, interesting and vivacious- kudos to them."

-- Drs. Peter & Louise Bobechko, Toronto, On. - New Zealand, 2015


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