CME & Cultural Tour of North India:

Rajasthan & The Golden Triangle

October 25 - November 11, 2019

Group Medical Director:

Dr. Peter Bloch, Oakville, On.

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"I have greatly enjoyed the scheduled Doctors-on-Tour itinerary.  We have great respect and appreciation for the very professional, efficient, hard work carried out by your local escorts - a great asset to your company's operation in India and we would strongly recommend them"

-- Dr. Luis Baptista, Edmonton, AB - North India, 2015

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Welcome to fascinating India...

Where will you find a more colourful and mystical land? With an ancient civilization dating back to 2500 B.C., and a rich parade of cultures, India engages, stimulates, excites, soothes and fascinates.  It conjures up many imagines but few are more powerful than the heritage of the Moghul Empire in Rajasthan where our tour is concentrated – a legendary land defined by the patchwork of kingdoms and principalities that were, till independence, ruled by maharajas, rajas, ranas and rawals. From the cackle of it’s colour charged towns and cities to the luminous splendour of it’s sun-kissed desert and it’s forts and palaces (several of which have been converted into splendid Heritage hotels and our accommodation will include some of these), Rajasthan is romantic and historic India wrapped in gaudy royal robes where bards still roam the countryside, picking out complex tunes on single-stringed instruments, and sing of heroic battles, chivalry and sacrifices. Visit the Golden Triangle of India’s capital, Delhi, Jaipur with its’ spectacular Amber Fort and the magical wonder of the Taj Mahal in Agra - the jewel in Rajasthan’s crown.

And finish off your tour in Varanasi, the ‘holiest city in India’. 

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